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Religions of Golarion
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The deities and divine entities worshiped by mortals and creatures of Golarion are pivotal beings in the Pathfinder campaign setting. This portal guides you toward information on these deities and their pantheons.

Deities and pantheons

The Pathfinder campaign setting hosts many pantheons of deities that range from all-powerful greater deities to minor gods, demigods, and other powerful creatures who can grant their followers divine magic powers. While most deities' followers span ancestries and continents, some ancestries have their own pantheons worshiped primarily within their own ranks.

By region

Many of the deities listed are worshiped in many parts of Golarion but are organized here by where their worship is the strongest.

Inner Sea region

Mwangi Expanse

Mzali Old Sun Gods

Juju pantheon

Iron Gods of Numeria

Realm of the Mammoth Lords





Iblydan hero-gods


Tian Xia

By followers

Couatl pantheon

Draconic pantheon

Dwarven pantheon

Elven pantheon

Giant pantheons

Goblin hero-gods

Hag deities

Halfling pantheon

Orc pantheon

Other non-human deities

Historical pantheons

Azlanti pantheon

Osirian pantheon

Taumatan pantheon

Dead deities

Dead demon lords

Other practices

Non-deific faiths and religions


By type of divinity

Ascended mortals

Powers of Hell


Asura ranas

Infernal dukes


Queens of the Night

Other divine beings of Hell

Powers of the Outer Rifts

Demon lords

Nascent demon lords

Qlippoth lords

Powers of Abaddon

Archdaemons (Four Horsemen)

Former archdaemons

Daemonic harbingers

Empyreal lords

Agathion empyreal lords

Angel empyreal lords

Archon empyreal Lords

Azata empyreal lords

Other empyreal lords and their cults

Monitor demigods

Primordial inevitables

Protean lords

Psychopomp ushers

Eldest of the First World

Elemental lords of the Elemental Planes

Forsaken of the Netherworld

Great Old Ones

Velstrac demagogues

Oni daimyo

Outer Gods

Rakshasa immortals

Sahkil tormentors

Individual demigods

Other minor deities

Find a deity

There are many ways of classifying deities, so you can view deities by different criteria such as alignment, domain, subdomain, or power level.

You might also find the Deities Quick Reference table helpful.



Domains still associated with Golarion deities but not canon


A denotes an apocryphal subdomain.