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Titles Knight of the Laurels
Sentinel of Dis
Realm Forked Pyre, Hanging Marches, Avernus, Hell
Alignment Lawful evil
Areas of Concern Duty
Worshipers Merciless knights, corrupt druids, evil centaurs, and hobgoblins
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Evil, Fire, Law, Plant
Subdomains (1E) Ash, Devil, Growth, Slavery
Favored Weapon Trident
Symbol Avernus Claw (flaming pitchfork)
Sacred Animal Snake
Sacred Colors Red, yellow

Source: Hell Unleashed, pg(s). 38ff.
Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
CR 27
Environment Any (Hell)

Source: Hell Unleashed, pg(s). 38

Furcas is an infernal duke said to know the secrets of fire and herbalism, both to create and destroy. A true knight of Hell, he is one of the greatest military commanders in the Great Beyond and sage of all things green and growing, and knows that a relentless will can, after aeons, turn the most delicate petal into a deadly weapon.[1][2][3]


Furcas' demesne is the Hanging Marches, which lies on Hell's first layer, Avernus. His citadel, the Forked Pyre, straddles a cataract of lava and guards the hellmouth Voulgaz, the most frequently traveled route into the next layer, Dis. For aeons, Furcas has overseen his legions as they conduct people to Dis, and has defended it from countless celestial and protean incursions.[1][4]


Furcas looks like a giant centaur whose body is covered in dark 'armor' made of parasitic cassytha-like growths home to countless toxic plants. His brow is crowned by laurels. The now deceased archdevil Typhon presented Furcas with a trident called the Avernus Claw that now serves as the infernal duke's unholy symbol.[1]


As his domain lies within Avernus, Furcas is a servant of its ruler Barbatos. His loyalty to Barbatos grants him special prestige in the archdevil's service. He also maintains strong ties with Dis and its ruler Dispater.[1][5]


Furcas is usually worshipped by evil knights, druids, centaurs, and hobgoblins. Green dragons, graveknights, and nature worshippers seeking ancient secrets occasionally ally with him. They conduct worship in castles and temples reclaimed by nature, preferably overgrown by forests or buried in volcanic ash. Victims are sacrificed to Furcas in a rite which involves a fast-growing plant pushing through them over several days.[6]

Furcas' preferred devils are levalochs, and he is also served by creatures infused by hellfire and fiendish plants.[6]


Paizo published a major article about Furcas in Hell Unleashed 38ff.

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