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In Pathfinder Second Edition (2E), Paizo changed or updated many of the names it used in Pathfinder First Edition (1E). Similarly, Paizo again changes names as part of the Pathfinder Remaster project to accommodate the Open RPG Creative (ORC) licence. PathfinderWiki must incorporate such name changes but also ensure that:

  • all 1E, 2E, and 2E-Remastered users can easily find the information that they want
  • it is clear that a change has occurred to avoid confusion, and
  • any changes are made in a way that maintains the integrity of the wiki.

In the text below, any reference to "2E" equally applies to 2E Remastered. Furthermore, the process should also be used for any 2E to 2E-Remastered name changes.

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It is assumed that you are already familiar with basic wiki editing and that you know your way around a wiki.
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To move or not to move

The first thing to decide is whether the new 2E term relates to something so different in 2E from its 1E equivalent that it requires its own page, for instance, Sargava and Vidrian. If that is the case, make sure the two pages are clearly linked by using the {{See also}} template. If the change is primarily in name only, then move the 1E page to its 2E name. However, to do this correctly means checking nothing has broken in the move and, if it has, mending it. This page should help with the process.

This is way too complicated and beyond my wiki skill!

That's fine but, if you spot a page that has a 1E name that needs updating to 2E, you can still help by simply adding a {{Move}} template to the top of the page in this format:

{{Move| <2Enamepage> | reason= Move 1E page name to its 2E page name }}

substitute <2Enamepage> for the name of the page to where you want to move the contents of the current 1E page.

That will usefully flag the page to other wiki users who can then, in their own time, move the page to its 2E position. Additionally, it helpfully brings the new 2E name onto the wiki so it can be found by someone with a search and will present the associated 1E information to them.

That may be all you want to do but, if you feel you could manage the move completely yourself, read on...

Golden rule

If you move a page, please consider what else you need to update or move to avoid breaking links to the page: just moving the page is very unlikely all you'll need to do. Missing links to useful information may not be spotted for some time and will necessitate someone else having to tidy up all the issues generated later. Use the sections below on this Help page to plan a move fully by determining all the steps you'll need to do. If in doubt, seek help on the wiki's Discord channel or add a {{Move}} template as above.

Explain the name change clearly

When the move is made, change the page's text to include both the old 1E name and new 2E name and embolden both terms. Explain it using in-world phrases to comply with the policy PathfinderWiki:Point of view. For an example, have a look at darvakka. If this is not possible, make a footnote to explain the two different names between editions. For a good example of a 2E Remastered name change, see ifrit where the old name, efreeti, is still included in the text, the infobox, and the navbox, while footnotes add to the understanding of associated name changes.

Cite canon change templates

For complex name changes, consider creating a "Template:Cite canon change/2E_Name" that can be added as an in-line reference on a page to further aid understanding. Again, see ifrit as a good example of their use and {{Cite canon change/Ifrit}} as an example of the Cite canon change templates.

Ensure a redirect is made

When you use the Move page tool on the top-right pull-down menu, add the new 2E name as the target; state the reason for moving as being for a '2E name change', and ensure you tick the box labelled, 'Leave a redirect behind'. This means anyone searching on the 1E name will be redirected to the new 2E name page successfully and find the information they need.

Infobox changes

An infobox is the side panel at the top of certain pages, such as for a Creature or a City, that contains key information. They are created using an infobox template; see Help:Templates for a list.

Update the infobox template to the latest version, which will have all the new 2E data fields, and add all the known 2E data to them. This might necessitate updating the template to a tabbed 1E/2E version. Add the {{1E name}} to the old 1E name to show any name change between versions. Again, see darvakka for an example of a tabbed infobox with a version name change shown.

Navbox changes

A navbox is the navigational aid panel at the bottom of certain pages, containing a list of similar or associated pages to the one being viewed. As it is a navigational aid, it must retain 1E names as well as having the 2E names added. So, check what navboxes contain the page being moved and update all of them clearly showing the 1E and 2E names.

If you need to change the name of the navbox:

  • update the 'name' and 'title' parameters in the navbox
  • this update then needs making to every page containing that navbox
  • change the sorting of the navbox at the bottom of the navboxes page: [[Category:Navboxes|2E name]]
  • if you change any template expansion 'abbr' parameters, they now need changing on all the affected pages to allow the correct navbox expansions
  • update the navbox documentation with all your changes.


First, add all the 2E categories to the moved page; this will likely include trait categories. Please create any new trait categories that are required using Help:Creating category pages to guide you.

If a page X is moved, consider if Category:X and any subcategories, like Category:X/Locations, similarly need updating.

If a category name change is required:

  • Add a new category for the 2e name and create that category page. Ensure the new category page is in standard format with 1E and 2E categories marked up and separated. As an example, see Category:Protean.
  • Delete the old category name on the page only once the new category is in place to avoid breakage.
  • Move all the pages in the old category to the new one, including subcategories. Only when this is done, delete the old category page.
    • Move all the subcategories under the new category tree by amending all affected pages in the subcategories with their new category names and creating the new subcategory pages. Do not remove old subcategory pages until the new ones are in place to avoid breakage.
    • Create all the newly required subcategories under the new category tree afresh or by moving the old category page to the new name without leaving a redirect once the old subcategory page is completely cleared down of any entries.
    • When each old subcategory is emptied, delete the old redundant subcategory pages or add a 'request for deletion' to the pages.
  • When all is completed, double check to delete any old 1E-name categories.

We do not want two parallel category trees as this is confusing and likely to generate work later.

Art galleries

Repair any missing links to art category pages and do not break links to the old art category pages until the new ones are in place:

  • change the 'imagesof' parameter in the infobox to the new 2E name
  • ensure all artwork is categorised under any new names and corresponding changes are made within any subcategories
  • ensure all new 'Category:Images of …' are created or old ones are moved to the new name and appropriately updated
  • ensure redundant categories are deleted or add a 'request for deletion' flag

For sourcebooks, use of the '| gallery' parameter in the infobox can retain the link to the old art gallery if this is deemed sensible.

We do not want two parallel art category trees as this is confusing and likely to generate work later.

Adventure locations

For locations that have had a name change, consider whether any adventures or Pathfinder Society scenarios were set there. If that is the case, then the adventure location categories will also need updating.

  • Rename all adventure location parameters to the new name on the adventures' pages.
  • After ensuring it is empty, move the 'Category:Adventures in OLDNAME' to 'Category:Adventures in NEWNAME' and check all the adventures that should be there are present. Do not leave a redirect from the old category and ensure the old category is deleted.
  • After ensuring it is empty, move the 'Category:Pathfinder Society scenarios set in OLDNAME' to 'Category:Pathfinder Society scenarios set in NEWNAME' and check all the scenarios that should be there are present. Do not leave a redirect from the old category and ensure the old category is deleted.

'What links here'

In the left-hand-side Navigation menu is a 'What links here' facility under 'Tools', which is very helpful for this work to ensure you've captured and amended all affected pages.

Check for double redirects at the end

Check for double redirects at the end of your work using the 'Double redirects' special page in the top 'Maintenance reports' section of Special pages linked on the Navigation panel at the left of any page or directly here. This will give an indication of any mistakes that may have been made that can be corrected.