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The unholy symbol of Ayrzul.
Titles The Fossilized King
Realm Blistering Labyrinth, Plane of Earth
Alignment Neutral evil
Areas of Concern Buried secrets
Edicts Use the strength of stone to protect yourself and your secrets, obscure your true motives, slowly poison others
Anathema Remove the petrified condition, make a fire larger or hotter than necessary
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Destruction, Earth, Evil, Strength
Subdomains (1E) Caves, Fear, Ferocity, Metal
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E) Destruction, Earth, Might, Secrecy
Favored Weapon Morningstar
Symbol Fossilized dinosaur tooth
Sacred Animal Tyrannosaurus
Sacred Colors Brown, gray
Images of Ayrzul

Source: Planes of Power
Gods & Magic (Second Edition), pg(s). 80, 126
f. (2E)

Ayrzul, the Fossilized King, is one of the four powerful demigods collectively known as the elemental lords, who dwells on the Plane of Earth.[1][2]


Ayrzul has existed since the earliest days of the Elemental Planes, during which he shared control of the Plane of Earth with his rival Sairazul, one of four good elemental lords. Initially, the good elemental lords had the upper hand, while their evil rivals were disorganised. However, as life evolved on the Material Plane and started using the elements for evil purposes, the situation reversed. While the good elemental lords started bickering, Ayrzul and fellow evil elemental lords Ymeri and Hshurha were gathered under one banner by Kelizandri, and together they defeated their good rivals one by one and sealed them away.[3]

Shortly after he defeated Sairazul, Ayrzul encountered the xiomorns, who were originally created by his rival but had forgotten about her. He craved the mythic essence that Sairazul imbued into the xiomorns, and showed them a vision of their race going extinct during a mental invasion of the yithians. He then asked them to sacrifice a quarter of their number so he could have the power to teach the rest how to forestall their demise. The xiomorns, appalled by this suggestion, nonetheless believed Ayrzul and decided to sacrifice the mythic essence of half their number instead, granting Ayrzul the same influx of primordial power. In exchange for their essence, Ayrzul gave the xiomorns knowledge of the Vault Seeds.[4]

Because of Ayrzul's reclusive nature, he is sometimes mistakenly believed to be a powerful earth elemental, a shaitan wizard, an undead crystal dragon, or even a fragment of the dead god Ydersius.[2]


Ayrzul rules the realm known as the Blistering Labyrinth on the Plane of Earth. He has never been seen outside his realm, giving rise to speculation that he is somehow bound to the region.[2]

Ayrzul shows little interest in the politics of the Plane of Earth; he is seemingly content with maintaining the status quo. Instead, he concentrates his efforts against the Plane of Fire and his hated rival, Ymeri, the Queen of the Inferno.[2]


Ayrzul considers the xiomorns to be his favoured children, and they in turn see him as their patron, if not their god.[5]


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