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An image of Luhar.
Titles Sun Goddess of Dusk
Lioness Goddess
Alignment Lawful neutral
Areas of Concern Death, dreams, destiny
Worshipers Bright Lions
Edicts learn about and prepare yourself for the night and its dangers, make time to sleep and dream, ensure others never go to sleep afraid
Anathema stay up through the night without sleeping or dreaming, attack a sleeping creature, leave a badly wounded foe to suffer
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E) Cities, darkness, dreams, sun
Alternate: Fate, soul, star, zeal
Favored Weapon Spiked chain
Images of Luhar

Source: Lost Omens Legends, pg(s). 100

Luhar, Sun Goddess of Dusk and Lioness Goddess of death, dreams, and destiny, is one of the Old Sun Gods of Mzali.[1]


As one of the Old Sun Gods, Luhar is opposed to Walkena.[1]

Appearance and emissaries

Luhar is most often depicted as a lioness with a dark-skinned, bright-eyed human woman's head.[1]

Worshipers and clergy

As one of the Old Sun Gods, Luhar is worshipped by the Bright Lions, a group of anti-Walkena revolutionaries.[2]


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