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Calm after the Storm
Areas of Concern
Annihilation, catharsis, and purity
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Destruction, Earth, Evil, Liberation, Void
Subdomains (1E)
Catastrophe, Daemon, Entropy, Freedom, Rage, Self-Realization
Favored Weapon
Burning meteor impacting the ground
Source: The Flooded Cathedral, pg(s). 73

Scal is a deity of annihilation, catharsis, and purity worshiped by the humans of ancient Azlant. He teaches his followers to shed their imperfections not by repressing or subduing them, but rather by harnessing and releasing their inner darkness upon threats to a righteous existence.1


During the Age of Legend, Scal proclaimed that if humanity disappointed him, he would unleash an apocalypse upon Golarion to allow a new generation of faithful to grow. After Earthfall, the survivors—unaware of the true culprits—blamed Scal for the catastrophe and forbade speaking his name in the early aftermath. In the Age of Darkness, Scal's cult faded to obscurity.1

Church of Scal

Scal's cults are scattered and consist mostly of loners who congregate around fight clubs. During the time of Azlant, his priests searched the empire's cities for people who felt drawn to a group that could understand their rage against a flawed world and promised to make them better—disowned people and recently released prisoners were easy to recruit.1

Members of House Denzarni of Taldor take pride in their purported Azlanti heritage in many ways, most notably in their ostensible worship of Scal. While not devoted in any truly meaningful way, they nevertheless engage in debauched orgies as a means of "cleansing" themselves of wicked impulses in a manner that resembles the worship of Scal.2

A series of hidden temples devoted to Scal has been discovered in the Azlanti ruins of Pegaduor in Taldor. Fareine Oubroulay, a prominent Pathfinder from Nex, believes that these temples have something to do with the ancient disappearance of Pegaduor's residents sometime after Earthfall.3


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