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The Azghat, according to Shoanti lore, are the ancient gods from prehistory that carried the Shoanti to the Storval Plain. The "pantheon" originally brought order and peace and, in particular, ordered the Shoanti into seven tribes12 based on Lissalan tenets.3

Under duress from external enemies, the Azghat turned evil and the Shoanti reluctantly turned against them. Soon thereafter, the kingdom of the Azghat pantheon ended. Modern Shoanti still look forward to the honour of the Azghat being restored.12 The Shoanti consider the seven-pointed star a symbol of their unity against the Azghat, and tales of the Azghat are unique among the Shoanti for being recounted identically across all seven quahs by their lore-keepers.2

In reality, "Azghat" is simply the name given by the Shoanti to the runelords of ancient Thassilon, under whom they served as warriors for many generations, and passed down in the quahs' oral history.456 For example, the Thassilonian deity Lissala is referred to by some Shoanti shamans as "the goddess of the Azghat".1


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