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Titles Mother of Hearth and Wall
Alignment Neutral good
Areas of Concern Balance
Worshipers Holomog
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Artifice, Community, Good, Knowledge
Subdomains (1E) Agathion, Archon, Azata, Cooperation, Family, Memory
Favored Weapon Heavy shield
Symbol Seven eggs encircled by an ouroboros
Sacred Animal Anaconda

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 23

Mazludeh was an empyreal lord worshiped by the residents of Udo (an ancient city-state) responsible for organizing the Celestial Concordance which established the celestial sponsorship of the nation of Holomog to protect millions from the chaos of the Age of Darkness. She is now their matron goddess.[1]


Before Starfall, Mazludeh was the empyreal lord of stewardship and loving sacrifice. Her serpentine aspect has led some to speculate that she predates humanity and may have been worshiped by serpentfolk or lizardfolk before the rise of Azlant.[1]

After the creation of Holomog, she became the primary goddess in that nation, representing balance, community, negotiation, and twilight.[1]

Appearance and emissaries

Mazludeh is depicted as an enormous serpent with a shaggy mane full of figs or eggs. She is also sometimes shown as a medusa-like woman with serpents for hair.

Her approval is shown through fresh eggs on a pillow or small, non-venomous snakes that devour pests.[1]

Church of Mazludeh

Her church is ubiquitous within Holomog. As the primary sponsor of the Celestial Concordance, she is seen as the matron of their nation, as well as a diplomat to the other empyreal lords which bless Holomog with its prosperity, and enforce the principles of its governance.[1]

Clergy of Mazludeh serve as city planners, architects, archivists, engineers, and farmers within Holomog society. Community and duty are the highest values within the church.[1]

Temples and shrines

In Anuli, the Tower of the Ninety-Four contains a shrine to Mazludeh and the 93 empyreal lords recognized by Holomog. Enormous libraries within the tower contain holy texts dating back to before Starfall and hundreds of clergy operate from within it.[1]


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