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Duke of Thunder
Zephyrous Prince
Areas of Concern
Air, thunderstorms, welcome breezes
Open closed areas to fresh air, travel throughout your surroundings daily, fly or make creations that fly
Wrongfully imprison a creature, restrain a creature more than necessary, suffocate a creature
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Air, Good, Travel, Weather
Subdomains (1E)
Cloud, Exploration, Storms, Wind
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Air, freedom, lightning, travel
Favored Weapon
Sacred Animal
Source: Unleashing the Untouchable, Chronicle sheet1E
Lost Omens Gods & Magic, pg(s). 128

Ranginori, the Duke of Thunder, is the good elemental lord of the Plane of Air, and is the only good elemental lord who has been freed from the prison in which his evil rivals sealed him.1


In the Age of Creation, Kelizandri struck an alliance with his fellow elemental lords and took advantage of their good rivals' disunity to defeat and imprison them. Ranginori was held in the Untouchable Opal, which was kept by Ayrzul, leaving the Plane of Air under the authority of Hshurha.12

In 4717 AR, Ranginori's wardens discovered that his prison was not entirely secure and moved the Untouchable Opal to the comet Aucturn's Tear, viewing the vacuum as a deterrent to his agents. However, Ranginori took advantage of his prison being incomplete and weak to strain against his bonds, causing the comet to glow like a star and attracting the attention of numerous astronomers across the solar system. This included the Pathfinder Society, whose agents successfully retrieved the Untouchable Opal from Ayrzul's agents.345

A year later, the Society figured out the key to Ranginori's prison and destroyed the Untouchable Opal, allowing him to return to the Plane of Air and recover his strength.6


Since regaining his freedom, Ranginori has re-established his old realm, the Roaring Spark, which had become disused during his imprisonment. As Ranginori regains his power, the ruins rebuild themselves and expand into new branches.7


Ranginori is an immense, lion-headed snake made of clouds with hundreds of feet and a crackling mane.1


Ranginori seeks to bring back balance by freeing his fellow good elemental lords, but knows that he needs allies and followers, as he currently stands alone against his four evil rivals.7


Since regaining his freedom, Ranginori has built a small, loyal cult who desire liberation, hope, and change for the Great Beyond.7


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