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Titles The Toxic Quill;
The Silent Quill
Realm Silent Nation, Abaddon
Alignment Neutral evil
Areas of Concern Broken deals
Fine print
Unfair bargains
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Evil, Knowledge, Rune, Trickery
Subdomains (1E) Daemon, Deception, Language, Memory
Favored Weapon Light mace
Symbol Poison-dripping quill
Sacred Animal Weasel
Sacred Colors Black, green

Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 112
Type Outsider
(daemon, evil, extraplanar)
CR 22
Environment Any (Abaddon)

Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 58

Braismois is the daemonic harbinger of broken deals, fine print, and unfair bargains. He preys upon those unable to grasp his contracts and those who think themselves intelligent enough to outwit him, and frequently signs deals beneficial to him across the Material Plane.[1][2][3]


Braismois rules from an expansive tunnel network dug into the Silent Nation in Abaddon. Within his library, Braismois keeps the true versions of histories altered or replaced by his agents through the ages, and extensive documents concerning his schemes across the Great Beyond. The latter is taken care of by bibliodaemons, one per planet or plane.[3][4]


Braismois resembles a weasel-like humanoid with a long torso, black eyes, and razor-sharp teeth. His rotting, frostbitten flesh is covered by ink-smeared robes. His hand wields a quill, which is a manifestation of his own spirit. He has the power to render all written documents around him illegible.[3]


Braismois is currently working for Trelmarixian to fulfil an ongoing contract with the Horseman. He seeks power to challenge and dethrone Charon as the Horseman of Death.[3]


Most followers of Braismois (who can receive divine magic from him) are high-ranking politicians, barristers, clerks, or administrators.[3]

On Golarion

Braismois has been interested in Druma for a century, since a traitorous Kalistocrat of the Petronax family communed with him and shared her discovery concerning the Kalistocrats' promised afterlife with him: their souls never depart to the Boneyard to be judged, but are preserved in custom mindscapes for eternity as their mummified bodies slumber in mausoleums. Enraged by how the Kalistocrats subverted death (as his race view themselves as enders of life), Braismois has since used the Petronax family (currently led by Vayde Petronax) to weaken Druma and pave the way for a daemonic invasion, so he could unearth the hidden tombs of the Kalistocrats and glut on their souls, in the process earning enough power to usurp Charon.[3][5]


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