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Titles Warrior's Ring
Realm Half-Empty Palace, Illumis, Heaven
Alignment Lawful good
Areas of Concern Femininity
Martial training
Worshipers Brides, jewelers, squires, warriors
Edicts Wear or make beautiful things, train for combat, recover and return lost mementos
Anathema Disrupt or destroy romantic unions, enforce a dress code, cower from fights
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Good, Law, Liberation, Strength
Subdomains (1E) Archon, Freedom, Resolve, Revolution
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E) Creation, freedom, might, wealth
Favored Weapon Longsword
Symbol Sword held aloft
Sacred Animal Cat
Sacred Colors Silver, white

Source: Chronicle of the Righteous, pg(s). 12 (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 83, 128-129 (2E)

Falayna is a powerful archon empyreal lord and patron of femininity and martial training, believing them to be complementary instead of exclusive.[1]


Millennia ago, Falayna's portfolio only encompassed femininity, and she was the lover of another empyreal lord, whose name has been lost, who was master of strength of arms. After he fell in battle against followers of Moloch, Falayna's recovery of her lover's sword led her from being an empyreal lord solely focused on femininity towards her role as paragon of martial training.[1]


Falayna spends much of her time training her followers in the Half-Empty Palace on Illumis, the fifth tier of Heaven.[2]


Falayna can take many forms: most often, that of a beautiful, fair-skinned woman with glossy brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a silver breastplate under silk robes and numerous rings of all colours on her fingers; she is never seen without her sword Betrothal.[1]


Falayna is worshipped by warriors, jewellers, and squires in training. Her worshippers are of both sexes, with women making the majority; they include brides and girls on the cusp of growing up.[1]

On Golarion

Falayna has a following among the Mishyrians of the Padishah Empire of Kelesh. Mishyrians came to worship Falayna after they split off from their Beshzen compatriots, who began worshiping Moloch after their cities were destroyed by a Spawn of Rovagug.[3]

There is a temple dedicated to Falayna in the town of Khoka on Qadira's eastern border.[4]


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