Shrine of the Failed

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Not all who attempt the Test of the Starstone pass.

The Shrine of the Failed is a hall of monuments in Absalom's Ascendant Court to those who have failed the Test of the Starstone.1


It was founded centuries ago, and routinely expanded since by the families of the fallen and other residents of Absalom.1


The shrine consists of a series of stone rooms holding shrines that are as elaborate as the caretakers can manage, but are usually no more than a few personal items of the deceased.1


The shrine's caretakers wear black mourning robes, but claim no divine calling, holy texts, or philosophy.1 Most visitors view it as a novelty and leave quickly, but there are occasionally devout worshippers who believe that one of the failed is a god who is merely quiescent.1

Enshrined failures

There are many failed memorialized at the shrine. The most notable include:2

Cults of the failed

See also: Cults of the Failed

Some of the failed gods nevertheless gain followers; indeed, some gain genuine followers, but many 'cults' are actually tricksters out to fool the gullible.4


Paizo published an article about the failed in Assault on Hunting Lodge Seven entitled "Starstone Aspirants".

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