White Feather

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The White Feather

Areas of Concern
Source: Qadira, Gateway to the East, pg(s). 23

The White Feather is the name of a guiding spirit or deity whose followers have recently emigrated to Qadira from the east. These monastic wanderers preach peaceful meditation, self-improvement, quiet contemplation, and the laying down of all trappings of societal status and material wealth. Their non-violent nature has brought them into conflict with Satrap Xerbystes II, who sees them as a distraction from his ambitions of a war with Taldor.12

True identity

The White Feather's true identity is a complete mystery. Some believe it is simply an aspect of the god Irori, while Varisians say that it is actually an ancient Thassilonian deity known as the Peacock Spirit. Others state that he is an obscure deity named Roidira, Dark Sister of Knowledge, or one already known in the Inner Sea region, such as Apsu or Shelyn.1


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