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The Mechanical God
Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 71

Dhuangir is a mechanical god who lies trapped beneath the most inhospitable portion of the Falling Mountains in Vudra. They toil away beneath the eastern fringe, where the lower mountain slopes regularly crack open to produce rockslides and lava flows. Locals ascribe these dangers to Dhuangir and his many children deep in their prison. A team of hryngar1 cultists work to free mighty Dhuangir, and their greatest achievement to date is to create a massive magma pool called Sholay.2


  1. Paizo referred to hryngars as duergar until the publication of Highhelm and the Sky King's Tomb Pathfinder Adventure Path.
  2. Saif Ansari. Vudra, the Impossible Kingdoms” in Sixty Feet Under, 71. Paizo Inc., 2020