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Empyreal Lord of Vision
Originally Heaven; now Outer Rifts
Lawful good (assumed)
Areas of Concern
Vision; insight
Source: Sins of the Saviors, pg(s). 87
See also: Shemhazian

Shemhazai was once the powerful angel empyreal lord of vision, but now he is a tortured prisoner of Lamashtu.1


The Rebellion

In the great primeval battle that fractured the upper planes, Shemhazai chose to side against the gods but did not rebel as severely as the others who became the fallen angels. Instead, Shemhazai proposed an exodus from Heaven and many joined this faction based on Shemhazai's reputation for insight and judgement. Bravely, Shemhazai decided to strike out himself to find the new home to prevent risking his followers and he traveled far in his search.1

The Capture

However, the Mother of Monsters Lamashtu watched his exploration intently and captured him, then took her prisoner to the Outer Rifts. By the time the search parties sent to look for him determined his fate, it was too late to rescue him.1

The Sundering

Shemhazai was forced to endure unthinkable torture for centuries at Lamashtu's hand. She destroyed him physically and mentally. Lamashtu learned much from her prisoner about Heaven and its leaders and inhabitants, including their weaknesses. The ultimate humiliation of her celestial prisoner was the birthing from her profane womb of what she mockingly called the first shemhazian demons.1

The Darkness

Long ago, Lamashtu learned all she could from Shemhazai and tired of causing him untold pain, so she imprisoned him in a dark place in the Outer Rifts to rot. Potentially, if it pleased her, she might bring him forth to abuse him once again.1

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