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The holy symbol of Kelksiomides.
Titles The Green Warden
Realm Aelyosos, Iblydos
Alignment Neutral good
Areas of Concern Gardens
Worshipers Iblydans
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Good, Plant
Favored Weapon Sickle
Symbol A terraced garden pyramid in front of the sun
Images of Kelksiomides

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 13
Titles Hero-God of Gardens and Orchards
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human
Class Druid 16 / Marshal 5
Gender Male
Homeland Aelyosos, Iblydos
Images of Kelksiomides

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 7

Kelksiomides is one of the two hero-gods who rule over the Iblydan city of Aelyosos.[1]


Kelksiomides was born in the hills of Pol-Ptirmeios, in a village of vintners and subsistence farmers. He learnt viticulture from his grandfather and horticulture from his parents. As a boy, he earned a reputation across the city-state by inventing numerous devices that improved farming efficiency and saved labour.[1]

When he came of age, Kelksiomides carted his family's wine to the capital for the annual tasting competition. After his victory, the council decided that he should receive the blessing of the cyclopes, who proclaimed that tragedy would grant him both humility and mythic power. Indeed, when he returned home, he found his entire village, including his family, slaughtered by Sylirican raiders, who were in turn rounded up and dragged to the ruined village. Kelksiomides forgave them, proclaiming that new life would follow misfortune and the perpetrators would have a chance to redeem themselves. His act was rewarded as a tree emerged from the ruins, bearing a fruit infused with mythic power.[1][2]

Kelksiomides emigrated to Aelyosos after the destruction of Liachora, due to his belief in restoring life and hope in the face of despair.[1]


Kelksiomides sometimes clashes with his hawkish co-ruler Psomeira, who sometimes forces him to act against his own teachings, but knows better than to oppose her when farmers are idle.[1]


Kelksiomides is worshipped by druids, farmers, and gardeners who travel to teach and mediate disputes in their free time outside of the planting and harvest seasons.[1]


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