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Tamashigo is a philosophy that teaches all things and qualities have spirits suffusing and protecting them, such as the powerful kami. Appeasing such entities with offerings and the construction of shrines in the home or in sites of great natural beauty, or similar obeisance facilitates the path of destiny; while disregard for them may attract their ire in unpredictable ways.1 Tamashigo teaches that there is no such thing as good or bad luck, and that all events are the will of some higher being to whom a respectful person can appeal, against whom a brave or foolish person can fight, and of whom a clever person might outwit.1

Those who subscribe to this philosophy often react to revelations with great calm. Tamashigo is popular among oracles and witches, who feel they have insight into the spirit world, and some rangers, in tune with the wilds where such spirits are worshiped.1


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