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Lord of Shadows
Areas of Concern
Formerly shadow demons
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 21 & 31
Nocticula assassinates Vyriavaxus.

The demon lord Vyriavaxus is the latest of the notable victims of Nocticula. She seduced and killed him, and, as is her custom, there is now one of the Midnight Isles in her Abyssal realm whose themes are based around him.1


Like many dead demon lords, Vyriavaxus' quasi-soul now resides in the Abyssal Rift of Repose.2


His cavernous realm of Rankarrus was close to that of Camazotz's Argahoz, and some speculate that Camazotz may have been his sire. He was the patron of the shadow demons, and Nocticula killed him to gain control over them.2 Nevertheless, some shadow demons maintain loyalty to Vyriavaxus plotting to resurrect their former master.3


He is said to have appeared as a gigantic bat, sucking the souls from mortals with his tongue.2


In Golarion, he was one of the demon lords worshipped in the Mwangi Expanse.2 The sabosan of the Expanse continue to worship him.45


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