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Titles The Turning Sphere
Realm Above Axis
Alignment Lawful neutral
Areas of Concern The planes
Planetary orbits
Worshipers Astronomers
Spacefaring creatures
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Earth, Knowledge, Law, Sun
Favored Weapon Longspear
Symbol Linked pair of ringed planets

Source: Concordance of Rivals, pg(s). 10

Jerishall is an agender primordial inevitable who monitors the movement of celestial bodies, ensuring that they maintain their orbits and do not violate physical laws, so that civilisation can flourish on them. Jerishall is also concerned with interplanar interactions and seeks to limit a plane's influence from altering the physics on another.[1]


Jerishall's home is a great observatory floating above Axis.[1]


Jerishall encourages the development of technology, astronomy, and astrophysics so that civilisations can learn to redirect wayward planetary bodies, like asteroids, and escape catastrophic collisions without having to utterly destroy the dangerous celestial object, something that Jerishall does not condone. For this reason, Jerishall is a patron of space travel and is respected by starfarers like witchwyrds or even elder things.[1]

Jerishall's followers often keep planar portals in check, ensuring that they do not become invasive upon other regions.[1]


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