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The Crystalline Queen
Areas of Concern
Bounties of the earth,1 caves, earth, gems
Agrawghs, xiomorns, consorts, cultists
Shelter others within stone and earth, care for Sairazul's children, aid childbirths, mine responsibly
Damage subterranean natural wonders, collapse an earthen structure on a creature
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Earth, family, toil, wealth
Alternative: creation, protection
Favored Weapon
An eye within a gem
Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 6 (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 81, 128–129 (2E)

Sairazul, elemental lord of caves, earth, and gems, was trapped by her rival Ayrzul2 and isolated in a gemstone prison called the Moaning Diamond for millennia before finally being released.341 She created many outsiders, including agrawghs and xiomorns, but had been cut off from her children and worshipers.


In the Age of Creation, when mortals began to use the elements for evil, the good elemental lords began to squabble, Ranginori blaming Sairazul for weapons made of metal.5 This allowed the evil elemental lords to unite and work together to imprison them.6 In the aftermath of Sairazul's fall, her rival Ayrzul stole the secret knowledge of the Vault Seeds from her and imparted them to the xiomorns, who no longer remember that she was their creator.7


Prior to her imprisonment the Crystalline Queen had many lovers, some of whom have stayed loyal to her and are reunited with her now that she is free, including Farah abd Aziz, a jabali, and Rezthyrian, an ancient dragon. She has attempted to also reconnect with Laudinmio, but with little success.1

Since her release she has also forged new bonds with gods, including Feronia and Arshea.1


After being freed, Sairazul established a new realm known as the Emergent Facet, a massive and constantly expanding tunneled emerald veined with gold at the borders of the Planes of Earth and Metal. The Facet is a refuge for her followers and creations, as well as for travelers lost on the plane, and is in the progress of establishing a permanent portal to Laudinmio's realm on the Plane of Metal.1

Appearance and emissaries

Sairazul looks like a termite queen carved from a perfect, luminescent, polychromatic gem.6

Church of Sairazul

Worshipers and clergy

While Sairazul had long been unable to provide divine magic, some of her children on the Plane of Earth remained loyal to her, and she is also revered by mortals who exalt creation and reproduction.8

Temples and shrines

Since her freedom, her followers have established cathedrals of gemstone-encrusted marble across empty stretches of the Plane of Earth, and smaller temples and altars adorned with raw crystals in other places where she is worshiped.1


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