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Titles Gluttontide
Realm The Flensing Rocks, Ishiar, the Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Sharks
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Animal, Chaos, Evil, Water
Subdomains (1E) Blood, Catastrophe, Demon, Oceans
Favored Weapon Punching dagger
Symbol Ship eaten by shark
Sacred Animal Shark
Sacred Colors Blue, red

Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 39

Cruel Ovonovo, a nascent demon lord, is a ship-sized shark that is able to take human form. While in human form, Ovonovo delights in getting aboard ships only to run them aground so she can feast first on the panic and fear of the sinking sailors, and then on the flesh of the dying sailors in shark form as she returns to the sea.

Ovonovo's unholy symbol is a ship being swallowed by an immense shark.[1]

Cult and worshipers

Ovonovo has a small but dedicated following of orc and half-orc worshippers. The Shackles are known to be home to at least three separate pirate ships crewed by orc followers who pay Ovonovo bloody homage.[2]

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