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Type Outsider
(asura, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
CR 11
Environment Any (Hell)
Images of aghasuras

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 23
For another meaning of "Aghasura", please see Aghasura (asura rana).

Aghasuras, also called poison ones, are asuras who have perfected the art of ambush and serve as guardians and butchers.[1]


An aghasura looks like an enormous rattlesnake with two muscular arms each carrying a scimitar. It is 30 feet long and weighs nearly seven tons.[1]


It is said that aghasuras came into being when a deity granted free will, but not morality, to her serpent pets. When these jealous, willful serpents were left to their own devices, they slipped into the goddess' temple and killed her greatest priests, and the survivors of the goddess' wrath became the first aghasuras.[1][2]


Aghasuras can enter long, dreaming torpors during which they remain fully aware, making them excellent guards. They revel in inflicting and observing some form of gradual decay. They are most often found in the service of the asura ranas Chugarra or Chupurvagasti.[2]


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