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Titles The Divine Herdsman
Realm Nirvana; but no fixed abode
Alignment Neutral good
Areas of Concern Herd animals
Worshipers Animal breeders, druids, hunters, shepherds
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Animal, Good, Protection, Travel
Subdomains (1E) Agathion, Defense, Fur, Trade
Favored Weapon Quarterstaff
Symbol Double-headed crook
Sacred Animal Sheep
Sacred Colors Green, ivory

Source: Chronicle of the Righteous, pg(s). 22

Rowdrosh is an agathion empyreal lord, the patron of herd animals. He is credited with teaching them how to travel together to protect themselves from predators.[1]


Rowdrosh raises celestial mounts for heroes on Nirvana but has no permanent home, preferring to wander the planes with his herd.[1]


Rowdrosh is a muscular, ram-headed man with tanned skin. Bronze hair covers his face, shoulders, and chest. His massive curled horns are made of moonstone, and he carries them with ease. He carries a birch staff in his left hand that hits as hard as iron. He can also take the form of a herd animal, and often travels the Material Plane in this guise.[1]


Rowdrosh is worshipped by animal herders, and his agents teach them of how to properly care for pregnant or diseased ones. He despises worgs and schirs, and his servants put great effort into hunting these monsters down.[1]


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