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The demonic rune of Abraxas.

Master of the Final Incantation
Demon Lord of Forbidden Lore and Magic
Demon Lord of Forbidden Knowledge
Areas of Concern
Forbidden lore
Drow, sorcerers, spirit nagas, and those seeking forbidden secrets
Learn and hoard forbidden magic, steal secrets
Destroy forbidden lore, reveal the entirety of a secret
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Magic
Subdomains (1E)
Arcane, Demon, Education, Memory, Thought
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Destruction, knowledge, magic, wyrmkin
Favored Weapon
Demonic face encircled by a serpent with two snake tails descending from the mouth
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Green, orange
Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 10f. (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 76, 124–125 (2E)

Abraxas (pronounced a-BRAHK-zuhs)1 (occasionally spelled "Abraxus")2 is the demon lord of forbidden lore and magic, and called the Master of the Final Incantation.3 He is said to know countless magical formulae, spells, and secrets, including the Final Incantation, a single word so powerful its speaking causes the annihilation of magic. He specializes in magic and lore associated with pain and devastation,43 and dwells in Diovengia, capital city of his Abyssal realm of Pleroma.5


Abraxas is one of the oldest demons of the Outer Rifts, though he was never a qlippoth—a primordial inhabitant of the Outer Rifts.6 Abraxas has gathered dark arcane secrets through countless ages. It is said that Abraxas watched as the alghollthus called down the meteor that was responsible for Earthfall on Golarion and began the Age of Darkness, as well as countless other magics best left forgotten. It was through these methods that Abraxas gained knowledge of the Final Incantation, a single word that can completely unmake magic.7 Abraxas has used the Final Incantation sparingly in the past, as it unbinds many of his own powers, but he has employed it to destroy minor artifacts, permanently strip all magic from a creature, and remove knowledge of a particular spell from the records and minds of an entire planet.8


Abraxas is utterly demonic in appearance: he possesses the head of a fanged, deformed bird with a tooth-filled mouth and lizard-like crest behind his head. In place of his legs, Abraxas has a pair of writhing vipers, each with its own head and venomous fangs.3 Abraxas's torso is humanoid with the exception of his viperous legs and demented head. His two arms end in large claws that wield a flail (Abraxas's favored weapon) and a shield. Some sources replace the flail with a whip that is forked like a serpent's tongue.758 His whip is said to have the ability to steal thoughts or even prepared spells from those who are struck by it, transferring them to Abraxas for his use, while his shield can animate and attack his enemies.8


Serpentfolk traditionally worship their own god, Ydersius, but since the latter god's fall, enmity exists between the god and the demon lord over whom serpentfolk should worship.9


Abraxas is served in the Universe by mariliths and snakes of all kind.8 The demon lord will sometimes even send the mysterious and feared xacarbas to aid his most devoted followers by speaking secrets best forgotten,10 or to guard his largest temples or libraries.8

Church of Abraxas

Temples to the demon lord can most commonly be found in dark libraries, reliquaries, and vaults.8


Abraxas is venerated by evil spellcasters and scholars seeking forbidden knowledge at any price, even the death of all those they love. They tolerate no rivals and are cruel masters.11 Abraxas is worshiped in the Darklands among the drow, especially those of House Azrinae who have access to darkened vaults filled with forgotten secrets. On the surface, Abraxas' following is particularly strong in the Nexian capital of Quantium, where his worshipers control a hidden library called Scrivenbough filled with rare books and scrolls,7 although small cults can be found in nearly all of the Inner Sea region's major cities.8


Certain dedicated worshipers of Abraxas perform daily obediences in order to receive unholy blessings known as a boons from their deity. The Master of the Final Incantation's faithful flagellate themselves with small whips or tree branches, speaking mystical words of power with each blow.8


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