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Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Half-fiend human
Class Oracle 4 / Hierophant 9
Gender Female
Homeland Dhuraxilis, Iblydos
Born 4702 AR

Source: Midwives to Death, pg(s). 65
Titles Child of Bloodstone
Realm Dhuraxilis, Iblydos
Alignment Neutral
Areas of Concern Monstrous heritage
Worshipers Monsters
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Community, Glory, Strength
Subdomains (1E) Family, Resolve
Favored Weapon Tail slap or heavy flail
Symbol Winged egg

Source: Midwives to Death, pg(s). 75

Iapholi is an Iblydan hero-god who resides in the city of Dhuraxilis and is said to be the reincarnation of Ekriathae, an ancient harpy who protected Iblydan monsters from those who would seek to hunt them. Following Dhuraxilis' cosmopolitan ideals, Iapholi adheres to a philosophy of exalting such monstrous creatures.[1]


After her birth in 4702 AR, Iapholi became the sixth monster throughout the ages to receive the endorsement of the Ekrian Revival, a cult that has been watching for signs of Ekriathae's return since her death. This blessing marks Iapholi as Ekriathae's reincarnated successor.[1]

Home and worshippers

Iapholi's home city Dhuraxilis is home to an increasing number of pious, pensive, proud magical beasts who do not wish to fight humanoids. However, a large number of them chafe under pacifism and wish for Iapholi to destroy the other city-states across Iblydos, which they see as invaders.[1]


Iapholi has been the target of numerous assassins from different factions, who wish to prevent her from unifying the monsters, or turn her into a martyr so they could rally an army of their own.[1]


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