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The city of Dis, Erecura's realm.


Queen of Dis
Areas of Concern
Mind reading
Manipulate dangerous beings and opportunities to your benefit, thrive in hostile conditions, divine the future
Despoil nature, kill a natural plant or animal that has managed to thrive outside of its intended environment
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Trickery
Subdomains (1E)
Deception, Espionage, Leadership, Memory, Thought
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Fate, secrecy, trickery, truth
Favored Weapon
Halo of runes
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Green, tan
Source: Princes of Darkness, pg(s). 9 (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 130-131 (2E)

Erecura is the queen of Dis, second layer of Hell, and the wife of its ruler, the archdevil Dispater. Despite being an authority figure in Hell, her outlook and motivation are far removed from that of devils, and unclear to even her own husband.1


Once a mortal soothsayer and emissary of Pharasma, Erecura stole the secret to divinity from her goddess, who banished her to Hell as punishment. There she delivered accurate prophecies to devils, was drawn to the city of Dis' order and might, as well as to its ruler Dispater, and became one of his closest advisors and diviners. Their casual romance eventually pushed the archdevil to take Erecura as his most recent wife.23


For half of the year, Erecura lives in the Iron Scepter, her husband's palace. During the other half, she lives in Eleusys, her own palace within Dis' Iron Heart district. In contrast to the iron, fire, and stone that dominates most of Dis, Eleusys is filled with lush vegetation. In addition to Erecura herself, Eleusys is also home to a trio of nornsFelixia, Rowane, and Selieste—who serve her as advisors and handmaidens, in addition to Erecura's infernal pets.24

As part of her nuptial agreements with Dispater, Erecura is allowed to keep a palace of her own liking and exercise power as she sees fit within Dis. Adventurers might appeal to her when they have run afoul of one of Dispater's underlings, need a favour in the Market of Breaths, were duped or exploited, or need to overturn a decision made by Dispater or one of his underlings. However, gaining an audience with Erecura is difficult; even if one could convince her servants that her attention is not wasted, these servants often simply approach Erecura on the adventurers' behalf.1


Erecura prefers to wear green-and-tan royal robes during her time in Eleusys, and dons a black garb in her public role as queen of Dis when she spends time with her husband.2


Erecura's husband Dispater sincerely loves her, and has kept to the spirit of the bargains he made with her.2 He often calls upon her to arbitrate disputes between his servants and delegates to her the responsibilities of ruling, even when she does not ask to do so.15

Asmodeus plans to rely on Erecura's savvy should Hell enter conflict with forces beyond its ken.6 Some of her followers see similarities between Erecura and Arazni, another queen of a realm not quite their own.7


Erecura is often worshipped for her ability to thrive in a hostile environment and among dangerous beings, something which she instructs her devotees to follow. Her worship is virtually unknown on Golarion, and is, for obvious reasons, strongly tied to the veneration of Dispater. Among these few are soothsayers, as well as predominantly non-evil rangers who often feel nothing but disgust at Hell's evil, and admire Erecura for employing her subtlety and command over nature to become an important figure in a dangerous environment.8910


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