Speakers of the Depths

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Speakers of the Depths

Areas of Concern
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Artifice, Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Water
Subdomains (1E)
Catastrophe, Construct, Insanity, Oceans, Protean, Toil
Favored Weapon
Eyeless serpent twisted into an infinity symbol to feed upon its own tail
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 188

The Speakers of the Depths are the inscrutable, dualistic creator-gods of the protean race, a profoundly alien living manifestation of the pure chaos of the Maelstrom. They are one of the most reclusive and enigmatic deities in the Great Beyond.123


The Speakers of the Depths have no specific domain, and hold the entire Maelstrom in their sway.43


Those who have seen manifestations of the Speakers of the Depths have each seen completely different things, but all the manifestations are disturbing and terrible, yet seemingly so difficult to describe to anyone else. The two major descriptions come from the proteans themselves and their enemies: archons, axiomites, and devils.4

Proteans describe the Speakers of the Depths as being two perfectly intertwined serpents, moving in and out of each other, constantly creating and devouring the world around them and themselves. Others imply that the Maelstrom itself might be a third manifestation of the Speakers' essence. These descriptions fluidly mix both grammatical gender and number, as the concepts of individuality or gender are alien to the Speakers of the Depths.24

Enemies of the proteans describe the most horrendous manifestations: a living, hungry thing that answers the call of the proteans to wreak havoc on their enemies. Probably, the chaos itself of the Maelstrom prevents any accurate and authoritative description of a highly mutable entity.45


The protean lords are believed to have the greatest connection with and perception of the will of the Speakers of the Depths, as they appear to share a fragment of the Speakers' chaotic influence. If they perceive the Speakers may need their service, protean choruses approach protean lords to offer themselves.1

Keketar proteans are the racial priesthood for Speakers of the Depths, but rarely become actual clerics. Their worship is almost unknown among non-proteans, and those that become clerics are even rarer.246


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