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Areas of Concern
Minotaurs (assumed)
Minotaurs, Vudrani
Sacred Animal
Bull, especially white (assumed from avatar)
Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 71

Gaelata is a bull god whose avatar dwells in the region of Vudra known as the Divine Garden.1

The Divine Garden's soil is considered sacred ground, where deities and hero-gods descend to walk among mortals. Within the Divine Garden, edicts prevent the slaughter of animals for food to respect Gaelata, and Gaelata's avatar wanders the Garden in the form of a massive white bull.1

The Baghava mahajanapada, in the south-west of the Divine Garden, has many elaborate ashrams—occult academies—throughout the region's mangrove forest, as well as temples and gardens, that are all guarded by minotaur-priests of Gaelata.1


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