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Titles The Marauding Maw
Realm Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Forbidden magic
Wartime atrocities
Worshipers Xulgaths, troglodytes
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Chaos, Evil, Magic, War
Subdomains (1E) Arcane, Blood, Fear, Tactics
Favored Weapon Ranseur
Symbol Spider-shaped rune
Sacred Animal None
Sacred Colors Yellow

Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 128

Shiggarreb is a huge qlippoth lord resembling a drider[1] with multiple arms and a split, deformed face. She serves as the messenger for qlippoth lords and often leads qlippoth invasions of Material Plane planets and Abyssal realms held by demons. The ground that she walks on becomes twisted and warped by the influence of the deep Abyss.[2]

On Golarion

On Golarion, Shiggarreb is worshipped by the enlightened xulgaths dwelling under the central ziggurat of Deep Tolguth; she also counts among her followers a minority of degenerate troglodytes, most of whom have converted to the worship of Zevgavizeb, a former qlippoth lord turned demon lord. She bestows forbidden magic on her xulgath followers, who believe that the false sun of Deep Tolguth will one day become a portal to her realm.[3]


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