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This article covers the occult science associated with augury. For the physical science of stars and celestial bodies, see astronomy.
The Cosmic Caravan, the primary zodiac of Avistan and Garund.
Celeste, a lunar naga navigator and astrologer.

Astrology, also known as the Dance of the Heavens, is an occult magical science of deriving meaning from the relationships and movements of celestial bodies (such as planets, comets, and stars) and constellations.12 Those who practice astrology are called astrologists.

On Golarion

Among more structured arcanists and scientists, the interpretive nature of astrology—and lack of causal evidence of any meaningful relationship between the cosmos and mortal beings—leads it to being viewed as unreliable and disreputable. Nonetheless, the record of connections between astrological events and history leads to astrology being a better-funded science than the more evidential study of astronomy.2

Astrology is used for augury as well as to determine a person's personality based on their birth date and location.2


The zodiac used by astrologers varies depending on race (c.f. blink dog below), culture, and location.3

Cosmic Caravan

Astrologers in the Inner Sea region use the thirteen signs of the Varisian Cosmic Caravan as the basis for their studies and predictions.4 It is suspected of having an Azlanti origin, potentially making it a cousin of similar Lergeni astrology systems.2

Dragon Empires zodiac

The Dragon Empires zodiac of Tian Xia comprises twelve figures heavily associated with imperial dragons and Tian legends. This zodiac is also more concerned with specific points in time, including the daylight hours, and with phases of the moon.56

Known astrologers

Haron esh Kazzar, palace astrologer.
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The following list highlights some of the known astrologers of Golarion, living or dead:

Astrological organizations

Among the organizations that deal with astrology are:

Peoples & species

  • Blink dogs are fascinated by the myths associated with their own zodiac, which they use for assessing births and seeing omens.15
  • Within humanity, Varisians, especially those who venerate Desna, are well known for their astrological prowess.216


Tools used in astronomy also aid in astrology.17 Spellcasters can use cosmograms and star charts as foci for arcane augury.18

Magic items

Certain magic items can enhance the predicative properties of astrology.

  • An idol of the eye is capable of answering questions through astrological analysis.19


Paizo published a major article about astrology in Occult Mysteries.

For additional as-yet unincorporated sources about this subject, see the Meta page.

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