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Titles Heart-Speaker
Realm Nirvana; often the Windswept Lea
Alignment Neutral good
Areas of Concern Debate
Worshipers Debaters, honest bards, lawmakers, resistance fighters, town criers
Edicts Spread truth, debate contentious issues, aid messengers
Anathema Sow or perpetuate lies, obstruct discussion, argue in bad faith
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Charm, Good, Knowledge, Nobility
Subdomains (1E) Agathion, Education, Leadership, Memory, Thought
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E) Confidence, glyph, knowledge, truth
Favored Weapon Dagger
Symbol Lion-shaped lectern
Sacred Animal Lion
Sacred Colors Gold, white

Source: Chronicle of the Righteous, pg(s). 12 (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 83, 128-129 (2E)

Eritrice is a powerful agathion empyreal lord. Eritrice is said to be a single truth that escaped from the swamps of lies that make up Stygia, the fifth layer of Hell. Geryon, the master of Stygia, has opposed Eritrice and her followers in the past. As a divine patron of debate, Eritrice prefers people to test their ideas in debate rather than receive wisdom from on high. Eritrice maintains a pavilion on the Windswept Lea for her followers.[1]


The Heart-Speaker appears as a woman with a lioness's head with violet eyes.[1]


Followers of Eritrice often host debates of public interest in open societies. Under oppressive governments, followers of Eritrice help move along censored information to help spread the truth.[1]


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