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Titles The Symbol of Doom
Realm Tetravia, Boneyard
Alignment Neutral
Areas of Concern Inevitability
Worshipers Cowards
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Luck, Repose, Rune, Weather
Favored Weapon Light shield
Symbol Three adjacent circles arranged vertically, bisected by a horizontal line

Source: Concordance of Rivals, pg(s). 9

Imot is an agender psychopomp usher born from the guilt and desire for hindsight felt by mortals after a tragedy. It arranges calamities to kill off cultures that overstay their welcome. Imot is compelled to hide clues to every natural disaster using symbolism and equations; these clues induce a subconscious unease in those that do not understand them, and provide insight to those that do (though they usually end up figuring them out too late). For this reason, Imot is concerned with fear (particularly of personal failures) and self-blame for inevitable disasters, and judges souls who died unavoidable deaths.[1][2]


Imot observes the Material Plane and Outer Sphere from the Tetravia, a tower between the Eight Courts, for new patterns and secrets and rarely leaves their domain.[1]


Imot is a golden square pyramid with a wing sprouting from each facet. It has difficulty speaking and communicates mostly with images and symbols, a mode of communication which mortals and psychopomps alike, except for Imot's long-time servants, find frustrating.[1]


Imot is mostly worshipped by mathematicians, those plagued by unsettling premonitions, and, as of the Age of Lost Omens, seekers of accurate prophecies.[1]


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