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Carved Lady of Mimicry
Lord of Wood
Areas of Concern
Wood, camouflage, carpentry, life, mimicry
Make time for nature, recreate life in works, celebrate births
Metamorphose another without consent, permanently damage a plant or wood creature
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (2E)
Creation, passion, swarm, wood
Alternative: perfection, repose
Favored Weapon
Wood esca of a fertile humanoid form with ginko leaves for a head
Source: Rage of Elements, pg(s). 194

Shumunue, Carved Lady of Mimicry, is an elemental lord of the Plane of Wood responsible for many of the plane's animated lifeforms. She is a rarity among elemental lords for not being native to the plane with which she has become associated.1


Lady Shumune claims to have been the product of a kodama and a traveling kizidhar wizard.1


Despite being an elemental lord, Lady Shumune claims no land, power, or subjects. She instead cultivates followers and confidants who request her assistance on the behalf of others. She is associated with the Court of Transcendence, where she animated the plane's plants to take on forms of creatures native to other planes and produce their own offspring.1 Being she created include painted stags2 and twins of rowan.3

Lady Shumunue seeks connections with the other planes and has led trade negotiations with the Elemental Planes of Air, Fire, and Water.4 However, she has a distant relationship with her fellow elemental lord of wood Verilorn, with whom she has not spoken for thousands of years.5


While Lady Sumunue rules no realm on the Plane of Wood, she maintains a private residence on it. Only the Animated Garden is accessible to others, and only then to those selected from crafters who have lived on the plane for more than 10 years to make use of her premier tools and materials for wood-related arts. The Carved Lady visits the garden on her birthday to animate a creation of her choosing.6

Appearance and emissaries

Lady Shumunue resembles a forest dragon with ancient bark in place of scales, and a blighted mark of radioactive affliction1 from a failed invasion attempt of Ayrzul's Blistering Labyrinth.7

Church of Lady Shumunue

Worshipers and clergy

Lady Shumunue counts ardandes among her worshipers,8 and her confidants' lead advisor is the ardadne elementalist Master Yip Chi-Laan.4 The kizidhar Asim bint Attar ranks among Lady Shumunue's confidants and is an expert at dealing with the disease known as Ayrzul's Blight.5


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