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Horseman of Famine
The Black
Archdaemon of Wasting
The Lysogenic Prince
Areas of Concern
Evil druids, gryphs, hungry ghosts, starvation victims, urdefhans
End all mortal life through wasting consumption and starvation, violently consume matter and souls
Kill or remove a parasite or tumor, grow food
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Earth, Evil, Madness, Weather
Subdomains (1E)
Daemon, Decay, Insanity, Seasons
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Decay, dust, earth, nightmares
Favored Weapon
Black jackal skull eating an eclipsed sun
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Source: Horsemen of the Apocalypse, pg(s). 14–15 (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 87, 130–131 (2E)

(daemon, evil, extraplanar)
Any (Abaddon)
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 166

Trelmarixian the Black (pronounced trel-mar-IX-ee-an)1 is the Horseman of Famine, and the youngest and most ambitious of the archdaemons of Abaddon. He is a patron of starvation and wasting, particularly from self-consumption and cancers.2


Trelmarixian is the youngest of the current Horsemen. Unlike most daemons, Trelmarixian remembers his mortal life as a daemon-spawn tiefling. He exterminated his entire planet in an extraordinary display of sorcery, then starved to death. However, during the final minutes before his death, he was talking to an unknown voice, whose face and last words he cannot remember, that belittled his masterpiece. This amnesia torments him, as does the question of the daemon who originally sired him and might still have some claim on him.32

After his death, his soul fell into the hands of Lyutheria the Parasite Queen, who warped him to a form that was to her liking. He served her for thousands of years, acting less as a servant and more a consort and apprentice, and endearing himself to her. Lyutheria accorded Trelmarixian a degree of freedom that no Horseman would grant to their own servants, and few were surprised when he overwhelmed her to claim her mantle.42


Trelmarixian's domain in Abaddon is the Withered Court, a realm of horrors, where he makes his home in the Weeping Tower. He and his servants obsess over the soul's substance, and often systematically examine their victims before feeding.5


Trelmarixian has no true form, and his physical body is an ooze made from a corpse's residue. He often takes the form of an emaciated man with three jackal heads, crystal teeth and black, membranous skin.2


Trelmarixian still hears the voice of Lyutheria and adores her, although he could only express this feeling by consuming her. In turn, Lyutheria still speaks to him, advising or mocking him as she sees fit. Trelmarixian is troubled by the possible notion that he might have been born solely to serve as the vector of Lyutheria, who incubates within him as a virus and waits until she snuffs him out as he defeated her.2

One of Trelmarixian's favoured servants is the harbinger Vorasha. Unknown to her, she harbours a spark of Trelmarixian's essence like a virus. He is aware of her every move, and may subtly control her at all times.6


From his mucus- and lymph-flooded citadel in the Withered Court, Trelmarixian commands his deacons—the meladaemons7—to perform ever more horrifying experiments on souls.8 A few powerful meladaemons are infected with aspects of Trelmarixian's influence, which lurk within them like viruses, and only he knows how much control he could exert in this way. These fragments bombard him with a massive sensory input and wrack his mind with insanity.2

Trelmarixian's mount is the apocalypse horse Halflight. The nightmare's glossy ebon skin stretches tight over its bones and its form resembles a horse in prolonged starvation.3


Trelmarixian is worshipped by those touched by famine and the broader concept of wasting, and counts many followers among the urdefhans.9

Prominent followers



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