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Pathfinder Fiction
Fiction provides deeply rich background material for the Pathfinder campaign setting: the stories tell tales about many aspects of the culture and peoples of Golarion and beyond. Pathfinder fiction is published both as serialized stories and as novels. A useful chronology of the various fiction products is found here: Pathfinder Tales chronology.
There are various ways of viewing the entire collection of Pathfinder fiction:
Many characters appear in Pathfinder fiction. Below are some of the most prominent as well as a listing of all of their appearances.
Gears of Faith.jpg
The Pathfinder Tales line of mass market novels was launched in August 2010 and boasts projects by some of gaming fiction's most acclaimed authors.
Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction
The weekly Pathfinder Tales web fiction series appeared free on paizo.com. Each week's entry (updated on Wednesdays) presented a chapter in an ongoing serialized short story by some of the industry's most respected authors and often featured the same characters appearing in the Pathfinder Tales novel line. Several months after serialization, web fiction stories were compiled and released in ebook format.
Flash Fiction
Flash Fiction appears free on the Paizo Blog in three types to celebrate the launch of Pathfinder Second Edition.
Iconic Encounters
  • Red Snow
  • Puzzle Box
  • One by One
  • To the Last Breath
  • Tough Crowd
  • The Green Within
  • Party Crasher
  • Test of the Hidden Peaks
  • One Last Miracle
  • Whispers in the Blood
  • Hold My Beer
  • Fire in the Hold
  • Ready
  • Of Wasps and Whispers
  • A Pulse of Evil
  • The Trouble with Fishgold
  • In The Eye Of The Storm
  • Striking Thirteen
  • A Complicated Plan
  • The Drawings on the Wall
  • Whispers in the Storm
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Water and Bone
  • Tracks in the Snow
  • Peril & Portals
  • Pointed Questions
  • Returning Home
  • Wreckers Reunion
  • Fear, Fortitude, and Fury
  • In Truth's Light
Tales of Lost Omens
  • The Hopeful
  • Far From Heaven
  • Blood Fate
  • All That Glitters
  • The Sea's Vengeance
  • Bound for Glory
  • The World Expands
  • The Snare
  • Portents from the Deck
  • Dragonfear
  • Bad Dogs
  • Rat Trap
  • Seeds of Hope
  • When It Rains
  • The Idol and the Scythe
  • Questioning Nature
  • Be Kind to Strangers
  • Rebirth
  • Connections
  • The Jungle Claims Everything
  • Assault Formation
  • The Dying Wish
  • The First of Many
  • Clues in the Moonlight
  • The Seventh Fall
  • Adumbration
  • Golden Splinters
  • Chance Encounter
  • The Calm Before the Storm
  • On the Move
  • The Promised Price
  • Wheels Aflame
  • Special Delivery
  • Threading the Needle
  • Diplomatic Escort
  • Uncontrolled Detonation
  • Surprise!
  • Sleep's Fractured Reflection
  • A New Game of Drouge
  • The Audition
  • Dyrani of the Harvest
The Windsong Testaments
  • The Beauty of Horrors
  • On Family Bonds
  • The Three Fears of Pharasma
  • The Acts of Iomedae
  • Rage of Creation
  • Time's Price
  • Fafnheir's Lament