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The Sacred Perfume
Areas of Concern
Blossoms, scent
Practise herbalism, tend to sacred flowers, offer appropriate flowers to other divinities
Dispose of waste near flowers, harvest flowers without offering the proper prayers, dispose of withered flowers improperly
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Healing, magic, nature, protection
Alternate: Passion
Favored Weapon
Source: Impossible Lands, pg(s). 312

Arundhat, the Sacred Perfume, is a deity of the Vudran pantheon known as the bringer of blossoms and scent.1


While those who worship deities of strength and power may see this portfolio as being lackluster, worshipers of the Sacred Perfume understand that with the proper knowledge, the humble flower can do much more than a simple display of force.2 Followers of the Sacred Perfume understand the hidden powers and value of flowers and other botanical plants, which through proper cultivation one can heal, pacify, inflame passions, or do great harm.2


Arundhat is often depicted as a beautiful feminine humanoid woman rising from a blossom, and sometimes as a handsome masculine being, though their true form is supernaturally genderfluid.2


Worshipers and clergy

Arundhat's worship is centered in Jalmeray, where apothecaries, botanists, healers, entertainers, and courtesans practice her faith. Priests of Arundhat also create floral offerings to other deities.2

Poisoners also worship Arundhat for the toxins that can be crafted from flowers, and swindlers identify with flowers whose harmless appearance can hide potentially dangerous or deceptive traits.2

Temples and shrines

Worshipers erect temples to Arundhat near plants near civilization, whether at natural groves just outside of a settlement or near entertainment districts in the courtyards of homes.2



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