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Titles The Sword
Favored Weapon Sword

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 154

Imams of the Windswept Wastes in Casmaron keep the legend of the ancient hero-god Namzaruum ("the Sword") alive. The tale dates back to the days of Ninshabur.[1][2] Namzaruum is said to be among many such figures who dwell in the Hall of Slumbering Kings in Nirvana but will one day return to bring victory to his loyal followers.[3][4]


Little is known of Namzaruum beyond the legend of his fateful return. Folktales tell of him facing the Star-Worm, though not of its death.[5]


Namzaruum's followers proclaim that the legendary hero will soon return to lead his descendants to victory against their enemies. The time of his return will be during an era of uncertain prophecy—and the current Age of Lost Omens certainly meets this definition.

Agents of the Empire of Kelesh, the land which rules the wastes, pay close attention to the tribes in the hope of detecting any signs of the hero's return. If Namzaruum does return, Kelesh intends to assassinate him for the good of the Empire.[6] A sect of the Knights of the Ioun Star known as the Apotheosis Almorain also watches for Namzaruum's return, believing he will become the emperor of a new Azlant.[2]

The leader of the imams of Namzaruum takes the title of caliph, and lives in a ziggurat temple in the ruined Ninshaburian city of Ezida, which the cult has claimed for more than three centuries.[1]


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