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Lord of Carrion
Areas of Concern
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil
Subdomains (1E)
Demon, Feather, Fur, Rage
Favored Weapon
Hyena jaws eating bones
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Black, tan

Daclau-Sar is a nascent demon lord said to inhabit the Xorian Mountains in Lamashtu's realm of Kurnugia in the Abyss. There he rules all scavengers, and appropriately resembles one himself: a six-legged hyaena with two heads and the wings of a vulture. It is believed that he was birthed from the corpse of the dead god Curchanus.1 Daclau-Sar is not a subtle creature, and has little time for deceptions and politics.

Daclau-Sar's unholy symbol is the jaw of a hyaena holding rotten bones.2

Cult and worshipers

Daclau-Sar is worshipped by several small orc clans within the Hold of Belkzen who revere him as the lord of carrion. These clans scour recent battlefields looking for prime corpses to loot for use as either trophies, to augment their fearsome undead war beasts or to augment their macabre feasts.3


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