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The Palm Tree King
Areas of Concern
Oases, palm trees
People of Casmaron & Qadira
Source: Qadira, Jewel of the East, pg(s). 18

Lugalisimaru, also known as the Palm Tree King, is a deity from Casmaron that predates Qadira, where he is also worshipped. Within Qadira, Lugalisimaru is most commonly worshipped as the patron god of oases. Those travellers who rely on the water of the oases often leave a gift of a bronze leaf with an encrusted sapphire as an offering at Lugalisimaru's shrines.1 The Qadiran town of Qadlus Mavari serves as a centre of worship for Lugalisimaru in the Northern Zho Mountains, his shrine not only dominates the town but the town itself does a roaring trade in offerings that can be left at the oasis shrines of Lugalisimaru that dot the nearby desert.2


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