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Eiseth, the Erinyes Queen.

The Erinyes Queen
She Who Defies Limitation
Hell's Valkyrie
Valkyria Reforged, Second Circle of Hell (Dis)
Areas of Concern
Bitter nobles, disgruntled diabolists, evil generals
Avenge all insults, claim what you desire and deserve, humiliate your foes in ironic fashion
Allow a slight to go unanswered, show humility or fear
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Destruction, Evil, Law, War
Subdomains (1E)
Blood, Catastrophe, Devil, Rage
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Ambition, destruction, might, zeal
Favored Weapon
Horned longbow; or
dark-winged snake
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Black, orange
Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 328–329 (1E)
Lost Omens Gods & Magic1, pg(s). 75, 132–133 (2E)

One of the infamous Queens of the Night, Eiseth laughs at any devil who claims she has ascended as far as a female devil can in Hell's hierarchy. She bears an extreme hatred of the celestial realms and often leads raiding parties into Elysium, Nirvana, and even Heaven itself.23 Her unholy symbol is a dark-winged snake,4 or a horned longbow.5


Eiseth was once a movanic deva serving a long-dead good deity. She found herself perpetually frustrated and held back by the incompetence of her empyrean superior and her less dedicated comrades, and ached to become an empyreal lord of duty and vengeance so she could command the legions as she wanted. Eiseth became convinced that when her superior fell, she would grow in power and succeed her.5

When her commander made a decision she considered especially foolish, Eiseth murdered her and her most trusted advisors. Before a tribunal of solars, she plainly stated that she had made the right decision for the greater good. In return, the horrified jury demanded a terrible sentence. Eiseth never grasped the full details of her punishment, as she fled Heaven as soon as she sensed them turning against her.5

For 603 years, Eiseth wandered the Great Beyond, unsure why the greater good in her evil deed was not taken into account, while hatred for her former peers grew and burnt a hole in her heart. Eventually, in a dream, Eiseth saw a vision of herself, her wings black, her robes stained with celestial blood, her golden armor a pure ebony, presiding over a realm of tortured souls nestled into a strange mountain of iron and brass blades. Eiseth dedicated herself to searching for this mountain, eventually finding it in Dis, second layer of Hell, whose lord Dispater welcomed her.5

The Chronicle of the Righteous instead claims that Eiseth was once an empyreal lord who embodied righteous wrath, much like Ragathiel.23


Eiseth trains erinyes and forges munagolas in a foul palace covered in brass and iron blades from which hang the impaled bodies of history's greatest chauvinists. Only those who live there know that its true name is Valkyria Reforged; others have taken to call it Widow's Cry, after the screams that echo from it. Although some claim that they are uttered by wronged mothers and maidens, or damned souls being transformed into devils, they are in truth the cries of victory as souls break free of their limitations. Despite being located within Hell's largest metropolis, the Infernal City of Dis, Eiseth's aerie functions more like an independent polity.678


Much like her daughters, the erinyes, she maintains the appearance of a angelic being, with beautiful features and black, feathered wings. Eiseth's beauty is the exact opposite of her (former) angelic brethren: as terrifying and intimidating as an angel's face is calm and comforting.2


When mortals began to associate her with Ardad Lili and call them 'whore queens' due to their gender and shared home in Hell, Eiseth travelled to the Stainless Caress to meet with Ardad Lili and was impressed by her cunning and focused hatred of Nirvana. She then reached out to Doloras and Mahathallah and, finding that they have no conflict of interest, the four began calling themselves the Queens of the Night and formed an alliance, finding that their strength is greater together in the crucible of Hell.5

Although her fortress is located within Dis, Eiseth operates outside of Dispater's rules and openly defies him when she sees fit.9

According to the Chronicles of the Righteous, Eiseth might have some relation to Ragathiel.3

The infernal duke Lorthact recently served Eiseth as a consort until she uncovered a plot in which he would overthrow and replace her. Enraged, she sent her erinyes to track him down despite his claims of innocence. Thus far the cunning devil has eluded capture, but the Erinyes Queen's wrath is eternal and the hunt continues unabated.1011

Eiseth plans to invade Malebolge and overthrow Moloch as the General of Hell. Once she has defeated him, Eiseth intends to marshal Hell's entire army and defeat Heaven for good.5


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