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Unholy symbol of Fumeiyoshi.

Lord of Envy
Areas of Concern
Oni and undead
Punish those who have unwarranted good fortune, devour the pleasures of the living, encourage resentment, make graveyards supernaturally unsafe
Pass by food without stealing a bite, allow honour or tradition to prevent you from taking what you want
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Death, Destruction, Evil, Repose, War
Subdomains (1E)
Blood, Daemon, Souls, Rage, Tactics, Undead
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Ambition, destruction, earth, undeath
Favored Weapon
Red demonic face
Sacred Animal
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 59 (1E)
Lost Omens Gods & Magic, pg(s). 132
f. (2E)

Fumeiyoshi is a Tian Xia deity most often associated with the undead and graves, although he is also the patron deity of the evil oni.1


Fumeiyoshi has many different forms but the one he most commonly takes is that of an almost skeletal Tian-Min humanoid with three glowing red eyes, a set of jagged tusks, and a set of twisted claws.1


Shizuru, the Empress of Heaven, and the moon god Tsukiyo are lovers; Tsukiyo is the Prince of the Moon and the brother of Fumeiyoshi. Aeons ago, Fumeiyoshi, who was then the god of night, grew jealous of his brother's loving relationship with Shizuru and, on one occasion, grew so angry he murdered Tsukiyo. Shizuru then successfully requested the aid of Qi Zhong, the god of medicine, to resurrect her lover. She then recruited Yaezhing, the punisher of the gods and the enforcer of divine justice, to punish Fumeiyoshi by banishing him to his brother's tomb and stripping him of his position. She stated Fumeiyoshi would forever envy his betters as the undead envy the living and, indeed, Fumeiyoshi is now styled the Lord of Envy and in his portfolio are dishonour, envy, graves, and the undead. In contrast, after his rebirth, Tsukiyo added spirits to his portfolio.12

Church of Fumeiyoshi

Fumeiyoshi is considered the patron of undead and of the oni and both frequently worship him; he is also often worshipped by former paladins or samurai who have fallen from grace or been somehow dishonoured. Because of his patronage, Fumeiyoshi's worship is centred in the Forest of Spirits, Minkai, and the monstrous kingdoms of Chu Ye and Shenmen1 Cults dedicated to Fumeiyoshi are a particular problem in metropolitan Goka where they make the already free-wheeling city even more dangerous.3

Unholy symbol, favoured weapon, and sacred animal

The unholy symbol of Fumeiyoshi is a red demonic face and his favoured weapon is the naginata. As with all the pantheon of Tian Xia, Fumeiyoshi is associated with a sacred animal; in his case, he adopts the wolf.1


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