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The Farseeker
Areas of Concern
Colonization, discovery, and exploration
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Chaos, Community, Good, Travel, Weather
Subdomains (1E)
Azata, Cooperation, Education, Exploration, Friendship, Home
Favored Weapon
Source: The Flooded Cathedral, pg(s). 69

Elion is a deity of exploration and discovery worshiped by the humans of ancient Azlant. He teaches his followers to explore and find the best that creation provides, and is credited with the creation of the first wayfinder.1


Elion was worshipped by the early Azlanti, and he taught them how to read the signs of nature, to travel through the wilderness, and reach the great lands beyond the seas surrounding their home. It is said that after Earthfall, he lost interest in Golarion and ventured out to the edge of the Great Beyond; his faith is unknown on Golarion today.1


Elion is passionately in love with Myr, but he is constantly away from home due to his need to explore. Although Myr misses him when Elion is on such journeys, she is also thankful for the more stable household that results from his absence. They have a daughter named Sicva, but she ended up a terrible child and despises her father for his capriciousness, and Elion and Myr's shared guilt over Sicva's corruption has strained their relationship.123

Elion is an ally of Desna and their followers often travelled together, but Elion's often found Desna's too flighty and unfocused to make significant discoveries. However, their bond deepened as Elion's church became interested in space travel.4

As Elion's priests found habitable lands, they would be followed by those of Abadar who would establish colonies. Their relationship was somewhat strained by how Elion's priests disapproved of the sometimes harsh methods that the Abadarans used.5

Church of Elion

Worshipers and clergy

Thousands of Elion's forward priests sought out new places to explore and bring new information back home. They sought locations no one else had previously visited, and were the first Azlanti to sail across the Arcadian Ocean to Avistan, Garund, and Arcadia. It is believed that a priest of Elion was the first advocate of exploring and colonising the rest of the solar system, and that after Earthfall, Elion's followers were instrumental in the exodus out of Azlant into other continents.1


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