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Titles Everglutton
Realm Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Blinding hunger
Revealed secrets
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge
Subdomains (1E) Catastrophe, Entropy, Rage, Thought
Favored Weapon Greatclub
Symbol Triangular rune with teeth
Sacred Animal None
Sacred Colors Green

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 238f.
Type Outsider
(chaotic, evil, extraplanar, qlippoth)
CR 21
Environment Any (Abyss)

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 238

Thuskchoon is a nearly mindless slug-like qlippoth lord driven by only hunger. When he eats food, he also digests part of his victims' thoughts to gain vast but brief insights.[1]


Thuskchoon is a slug-like creature with a gaping mouth and numerous clattering limbs and smaller mouths on his body. All such mouths drip tar wherever he goes. Thuskchoon measures 40 feet in length and weighs 16,000 pounds.[2]


Thuskchoon lives in a vast tunnel network connecting to the realms of most other qlippoth lords in the Abyss. He rarely stays in his realm, instead spending his time wandering through the deep Abyss to eat anything he can find, sometimes blundering through portals to other planes where his banishment back to his home is but a matter of time.[2]


Thuskchoon's cultists acknowledge their patron's mindlessness and expect little reward from him; instead, they seek the secrets of power that he sometimes accidentally reveals as a consequence of the destruction he wreaks. They convert their temples from ruins or caverns and carve them with foul glyphs and prayers, but rarely stay in one location for long, preferring to visit new regions to destroy. They constantly seek out exotic drugs in search of strange visions and unexpected answers for unasked questions.[2]


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