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Curchanus is a mostly forgotten deity who reigned over beasts, travel, and endurance.1


While Desna was still a young goddess, she would spend many nights listening to tales of Curchanus' travels. Their long talks came to a sudden end when the envious demon lord Lamashtu led Curchanus into a trap, robbing him of his dominion over beasts and catapulting the demon into divinity. This attack was too much for the god to withstand, and he was killed as a result of the theft. As his final act, he passed on his dominion over travel to Desna, who had always treasured the tales of his journeys.21 It is said that this theft caused humans to lose their bond with animals, who thereafter only saw them with suspicion and mistrust.1 Some ancient shrines on remote paths still bear faint echoes of the dead god's power.1

The nascent demon lord Daclau-Sar is believed to have been created by Lamashtu from Curchanus's corpse.3


Curchanus created the first griffons in response to prayers from his worshippers. These original griffons are believed to have been highly intelligent and to have protected their god's faithful, but regressed into their current bestial state after Curchanus' death.4


Curchanus was worshiped by the ancient Azlanti, based on evidence found in the city of Saventh-Yhi in the Mwangi Expanse.5


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