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Small town
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 7

The mining village of Baslwief is located in the foothills of the eastern Fenwall Mountains in Varisia, on the banks of the Sarwin River.1


Built beneath a fortress,2 Baslwief was chartered in 4563 AR by Jayden Baslwief, a cartographer and surveyor from Harse who thought the open, flat riverbank would in the foothills of the Fenwall would make an excellent spot for a settlement. After receiving the charter from the Korvosan government, Jayden Baslwief brought out his friends and family to form the nucleus of the town's population.3

Baslwief was the first town to suffer the rage of the red dragon Glarataxus in 4569 AR as well as several later rampages, though they were spared from his most recent attacks in 4674.4

Economy and defense

Mining copper, iron, and rarer metals from the foothills of the Fenwall Mountains, Baslwief provides enough competition with Janderhoff to keep prices of raw materials in Korvosa fair.3 Baslwief has a relatively small militia to defend it, and depends on the much more militaristic town of Melfesh for protection.1


Compared to most other settlements in Varisia, the village sports a relatively large population of halflings who find its frontier atmosphere appealing.5

Although not a true inhabitant of the town, the cloud giant Seferin visits Baslwief every three years and challenges anyone to cook him the finest dish possible. The winning meal earns its chef a jewel the size of a chicken egg; runners' up receive platinum coins.6


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