Jeggare's Jug

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Jeggare's Jug, known by Korvosan locals as Jeggy's Jug, is the first tavern built in the Old Dock neighborhood of Old Korvosa.12 The tavern draws a working-class crowd and maintains a sometimes violent rivalry with the rougher Sticky Mermaid tavern.2


During the Great Fire, the tavern remained undamaged and served as a medical bivouac and a triage center during the disaster.1

The tavern's namesake, gentleman explorer Montlarion Jeggare, frequented it once or twice a month to obtain Chelish pepper whiskey, from which he would drink one shot and give the rest away to the establishment's other customers. At the time of Montlarion's death, the tavern's owner honored him by renaming the tavern after him.1


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