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Small town
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 7

Among ancient cliff-side structures (rumored to have once housed a long-extinct tribe of harpies) in caves along the shore of Lake Syrantula lies the town of Biston.1 It was founded in 4574 AR by Jhenni Biston, who cleared the tunnels of their xulgath inhabitants.

While citizens of Korvosa, the farmers and fishermen of Biston have long held a strong sense of independence, and in 4658 AR Jhenni's grandson Randas Biston led a group of separatists in a revolt to cede the town from Korvosan control. The government responded in full force, sending half the Sable Company and an entire regiment of Korvosan Guards to maintain order.2 All of the rebels were executed in Korvosa, and martial law was maintained in Biston until 4690 AR when it was lifted by King Eodred II.3


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