Ember Lake

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Ember Lake is a freshwater lake located in central Varisia, bordering the Malgorian Mountains to the east, and the rolling plains of the Lost Coast to the west.1 It is fed by both the Lampblack and the Malgorian rivers, in addition to numerous hot springs, causing the lake to steam in colder months. The villages of Wolf's Ear, Galduria, and Nybor sit along its western shore,1 and these communities do a brisk trade in grain from local farms, and lumber from the nearby Churlwood and Sanos Forest.2 On the opposite side of Ember Lake stands the forbidding castle of Viperwall,3 a place greatly avoided by the local population.2 The lake is home to a fascinating salamander-like creature known as the charig, whose bodies glow with an inner phosphorescence. Schools of these creatures can be seen swimming about at night, making strange patterns that some claim have greater meaning.45