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Found in a desolate valley at the foot of the Mindspin Mountains in north-eastern Varisia,1 the Obelisk Forest of Mundatei is a ruin from the time of the Thassilonian empire2 and was built with the labor of enslaved rune and stone giants.2 Thousands of ten-foot-high stones, some carved with runes, are scattered about the landscape, and it has long been rumored that they are hollow and hold treasure. A century ago, an expedition from Korvosa tried to confirm this by breaking open some of them. They found that the obelisks were indeed hollow, each holding the desiccated body of a human who had died in terror and horrific pain. According to the Korvosan survivors, they were assaulted by strange undead that night who dragged off a dozen of their companions. The next morning it was discovered that the broken obelisks had wholly reformed. The site has been avoided ever since.345


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