Devil's Platter

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Devil's Platter is a limestone escarpment less than one mile southeast of the Varisian town of Sandpoint, and is the largest rocky rise in the area. Many clefts, cracks, and caverns can be found in its desolated expanse, though the most infamous of these is called the Pit.1 A small tribe of goblins, the Birdcrunchers, dwells in caverns along its western side. It is rumored that devil-worshiping bugbears live deeper in the Devil's Platter.2 Ghoul-infested warrens run below the area, connecting the old smuggler's tunnels beneath Sandpoint to Paupers' Graves.3

A large hole known as the Pit extends downward from the center of the Devil's Platter, connecting to numerous caverns running within the Platter itself and the broader Sandpoint Hinterlands. The caverns beneath the Devil's Platter are home to numerous creatures, including goblin tribes, gremlins, deros, xulgaths, and caligni. In the deepest part of the pit is the lair of the Sandpoint Devil.4